Tips on Balancing between Job and Family for Pilot

Are you a pilot? If you answer yes, is between your job and family balance? If you answer no because you often spend most of time outside, you should worry about this. Why? In the long run, your family relationship will be broken and you will lose love and affection from your family. If you are married, your wife can ask you to divorce her as soon as possible. Of course, you don’t want to deal with this problem, right? Therefore, manage your time as well as possible although you might get work calls immediately. Besides, make sure tha you do these:

Maintain communication

No matter how busy you are, you should maintain communication with your family. This means that you have to send messages or call them although you just do it for 5 minutes. By doing it, you can know what their condition, feeling, or activity is. You can communicate before and after flying or when taking a break. If your smartphone is equipped with 3G or 4G and front camera, you can make a video call and look your family visually.

What if you lose signal or your phone gets broken abruptly? No need to worry because you can borrow your colleagues’ phone and contact your family. If they cannot help you, don’t be sad because you can use payphone or wait till you get good phone signal. In other hand, if your family is already disappointed with you, apologize as soon as possible and promise that you will do your best to maintain communication and relationship with them.

Btw, don’t focus only in communicating with your family, you should maintain communication with your colleagues. This is important to do so you can balance your job and family. How? Greet them when meeting and chat with them when taking a break. Avoid insulting and backbiting them whatever your reasons are. If you have any problems with them, solve those as wise and as well as possible. Make sure that there is no party who feels disadvantaged.

Spend most of free time together with family

When there is no flight schedule, there is no problem to spend most of your free time together with your family. You can invite your parents to chat and tell your stories and problem. Remember to listen to their problems too so you can know, understand, and help them soon. If you are married, invite your spouse to hangout and do fun things together. You can invite your parents too. There are many fun things that can be considered, such as: shopping, watching in the cinema, and going to city park, zoo, waterfall, beach, and other interesting place.

If you want to take a rest when having free time, it is no problem but avoid spending all your free time by sleeping. Realize that if you sleep excessively, you will deal with headache, metabolism disorder, fever, and so on. Don’t forget to invite your family to do sport together so you and your beloved one can maintain body’s health well.

Do These on First Day as a Pilot

pilot 6On first at work, most workers will feel nervous and confused. This happens because they usually don’t understand or know what they should do. This is also experienced by pilots. They usually feel confused and even do any mistakes at last. This problem must be avoided because it triggers many problems at last. If you are a new pilot on first day at work, what should you do? If you don’t know what you should do, do the following tips below:

Come on time

Don’t come late on your first at work. If you cannot do this, you will show that you are not discipline and professional. Thus, don’t come late whatever your reasons are. If your house is located far away from airport, drive your car or get in taxi, maximum 60 minutes before office hour starts. If in your city, traffic jam often happens and there is just one way to reach airport, consider looking for house for rent which is located near airport. This is important to do so you can come on time and avoid getting warning letter.

What if you are in emergency situation or get sick in hurry while you should arrive at airport earlier? Call your best colleague and boss and tell them that what is going on. They definitely want to help you as long as you tell the truth.

Greet your colleagues

Most new pilots will look a little bit awkward on first day at work. This makes them keep silent and avoid smiling. This must be avoided unless you want to be assumed as an arrogant pilot. Calm yourself down and think positively. Make sure that you greet your colleagues first although they might be younger. By doing this, they will respond you and want to build friendship with you. Remember to do this sincerely so you don’t feel disadvantaged.

Anyway, if you greet them first but they don’t respond you, what should you do? Stay cool and avoid thinking negatively. Who knows they don’t listen to your greeting. You may repeat greeting if you meet them again. Give your best smile so they don’t give any responses. If you already do these but they don’t remain giving any responses, forget this problem and keep your kind as well as possible.

Follow meeting before flying

Before doing your first flight, follow meeting together with co-pilot and crews. Listen to all explanations and information from airport staffs so you can minimize the risks of getting any problems during flight. If there is information that makes you confused, don’t doubt to ask about it. Getting clear information will help you do your job optimally. If you don’t understand but you let this problem go ahead, you will bother yourself.

In addition, when taking a break, forget all feelings in your mind for a while. You should eat and drink soon. Invite your colleagues to get closer them. After this, you may listen to your favorite songs to make you get in the mood and feel relaxed.

Ways to Become Qualified Pilot School Graduate

Qualified Pilot School Graduate

The fact was that Indonesia is still a shortage of pilots. So, proceed to the pilot schools deemed best decision. However, why is there a pilot school graduates are unemployed? Ironic indeed in the midst of a pilot needs increasing each year, pilot school graduates actually wasted. This condition occurs because school graduates may be less qualified pilots so that the airlines do not want to take risks with their hiring. Therefore, be a qualified pilot in order of time, effort, and expense that has not sacrificed in vain. How to?

Choose the best pilot school

Qualified or not graduates basically depends on the pilot school. Therefore, select the best pilot schools in order to make you graduates who are competent and competitive tow. Best pilot schools, have the following criteria:

  • Adequate training aircraft. Pilot schools were well able to promise adequate training aircraft for the cadet. Ideally, 1 training plane used for 5 cadets. Thus, you can graduate on time with maximum training. Make sure that the pilot schools always pay attention to the maintenance of training aircraft for security.
  • A qualified flight instructor. Ideally, flight instructors at the pilot schools have to have a minimum of 1,000 flight hours (more is even better). Expected more experienced in teaching. His experience in the world of aviation is also expected to be given to cadets so that insights about the flight cadet broader and profound.
  • Airport’s own flight training places. Do not ignore the airport when the pilot training ground school will be joined in the pilot schools. Make sure the pilot school has its own airport where the exercises so hours of flying owned intact and not extend the duration of the study because of queue commercial aircraft or the airport’s training ground move.
  • Simulator sophisticated. Pilot school is important to have the simulator. Simulator is a tool that can provide a real flying experience as for the cadet. Cadet could learn to fly a plane without fear of having an accident because it is only a picture of the flight.

Study hard

Motivation in contributed greatly to become a qualified pilot school graduates 😀

Pilot schools already offer a range of facilities and services is support for creating highly qualified graduates but is not supported by you, obviously useless. To be qualified graduates, you have to learn in earnest. Listen to the flight instructor when explaining the material in ground school and follow the instructions of the flight instructor during training with the simulator or flight training aircraft. If necessary note the things that are important and ask things that are still not understood. Unfortunately, your concentration can be shattered because of homesickness. To overcome homesick, do this.

  • Mingle with other cadets. Especially when in a dorm, you should not let yourself. Mingle with other cadets in order not to feel alone. In addition to more or less able to cope with homesickness, how it makes you more friends.
  • Communicate with family. If there is free time, communicate with the family either by telephone or video call. Feeling nostalgic with families expected to be dispersed after hearing their voice or see them on the screen smartphone form.
  • Think about your dreams. Dream to be a pilot use as motivation and strategies to overcome homesickness. Instill in your mindset that the seriousness of this moment will be rewarded in the end, to be a qualified graduate so easily accepted by the airline.