Become a Smart Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot

Commercial pilots are increasingly required by the airline since this time even the next few years. There are several factors behind this issue, among others, the growing global economy, relatively increased travel route in some areas as well as a growing number of aircraft as well as air transport is considered more convenient and enjoyable. That is why professional pilots have jobs that will be wide open. There is more to lure more than a profession pilot salary is big enough and well clear career ladder. If the companies are generally likely to have promoted a new first be paid tens of millions of Indonesian rupiah. But if the pilot, had just entered the salary obtained can reach 15 million Indonesian rupiah even 20 million Indonesian rupiah(in accordance with the policy of the airline). By the way, how to become a pilot that qualify the airline? Surely reliable and quality, is not it? To grasp these two things, let’s refer to the following description:

Select the quality pilot school support

Many pilot schools are ready to become a prospective pilot study. However, to be a reliable pilots have to be good at choosing the right pilot schools, one of them in terms of quality schools support, such as teaching staff and experienced professionals, aircraft and airports adequate training, and also a study room and a cozy hostel. Examples on the plane and the airport train which is very important in an education because it allows the cadet flight training to the maximum.

Prepare capability with a maximum

Schools pilot prestigious basically have a very strict selection process. Why not, many applicants but capacity is limited. In order to qualify for the selection stage sure had a good preparation, not only physically but also brain and economics. Physical well not just have a high body and ideal, but also to be healthy. This allows the cadets to undergo training so well and can also be accepted in the job market. While intelligence or IQ would have to stand out in order to compete with other cadet candidates. So is the economy, if you do not have the funds to pilot school education might be hampered. So, prepare three capabilities on top with cooked.

Take the minimum licensing program CPL

To become a major commercial pilot license must successfully hold a CPL(Commercial Pilot Licence). CPL license is a license to fly commercial pilots to fly aircraft that can be obtained with a minimum of 140 total flight hours of commercial pilot training course can be followed easily when he already has the ability to fly are qualified. Therefore, in a pilot school program that should be taken at least a CPL license and would be great if IR or MER because the pilot can be said ready to work with the capabilities that have been thoroughly trained.

Follow with a good education

So that education is not hampered and can be passed in accordance with the duration of which has been estimated, it is important to follow good education. Obey school rules and avoid the bad things that can ruin a good name. Sign in pilot schools is not cheap and easy, remember the struggle and ideals. Many of those who want to pilot school but did not allow, either in terms of economics or academic and physical. Therefore, after entering the school try to be educated properly in order to graduate on schedule and quickly accepted to work in the airline.

Being a reliable commercial pilot is not enough if the origin of enrolled and graduated as flight schools in general, but need to dig deeper skills to become a competent pilot.

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