Do These on First Day as a Pilot

pilot 6On first at work, most workers will feel nervous and confused. This happens because they usually don’t understand or know what they should do. This is also experienced by pilots. They usually feel confused and even do any mistakes at last. This problem must be avoided because it triggers many problems at last. If you are a new pilot on first day at work, what should you do? If you don’t know what you should do, do the following tips below:

Come on time

Don’t come late on your first at work. If you cannot do this, you will show that you are not discipline and professional. Thus, don’t come late whatever your reasons are. If your house is located far away from airport, drive your car or get in taxi, maximum 60 minutes before office hour starts. If in your city, traffic jam often happens and there is just one way to reach airport, consider looking for house for rent which is located near airport. This is important to do so you can come on time and avoid getting warning letter.

What if you are in emergency situation or get sick in hurry while you should arrive at airport earlier? Call your best colleague and boss and tell them that what is going on. They definitely want to help you as long as you tell the truth.

Greet your colleagues

Most new pilots will look a little bit awkward on first day at work. This makes them keep silent and avoid smiling. This must be avoided unless you want to be assumed as an arrogant pilot. Calm yourself down and think positively. Make sure that you greet your colleagues first although they might be younger. By doing this, they will respond you and want to build friendship with you. Remember to do this sincerely so you don’t feel disadvantaged.

Anyway, if you greet them first but they don’t respond you, what should you do? Stay cool and avoid thinking negatively. Who knows they don’t listen to your greeting. You may repeat greeting if you meet them again. Give your best smile so they don’t give any responses. If you already do these but they don’t remain giving any responses, forget this problem and keep your kind as well as possible.

Follow meeting before flying

Before doing your first flight, follow meeting together with co-pilot and crews. Listen to all explanations and information from airport staffs so you can minimize the risks of getting any problems during flight. If there is information that makes you confused, don’t doubt to ask about it. Getting clear information will help you do your job optimally. If you don’t understand but you let this problem go ahead, you will bother yourself.

In addition, when taking a break, forget all feelings in your mind for a while. You should eat and drink soon. Invite your colleagues to get closer them. After this, you may listen to your favorite songs to make you get in the mood and feel relaxed.

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