Want to Pursue Dream as a Pilot? Follow These Ways

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As a child often parents, brothers, teachers, and relatives asking about ideals. This is because the ideals become one of the important things a person can serve as a great motivation. By having ideals, of course, will seek to realize the ideals that cool them. Regarding ideals not a few people answering wanted to be a pilot. When asked about why it wants to become a pilot, the answer is quite simple, namely to around and see the view from the top. Well, for those who have aspirations to be a pilot, then here’s how to make it happen.

Choose a pilot school

The first way to realize the ideals of being a pilot is a pilot school select. Why? Due to become a pilot, you must have the knowledge and flight license in advance. Well, to get it you have to go to school pilot. Before you enroll in a pilot school, it helps to first select a pilot school that has a good reputation and has experience. With the pilot schools who have the experience, of course, can lead you to get to the next. Select is also a pilot school that has support such a suggestion, Instructor, training aircraft and airports exercise(would have been better had the airport itself). When you choose a pilot school which provides a complete advice, it can support you to quickly finish. Select also the pilot schools that have agreements with airlines so that later you’re more likely to be distributed after school. There are many pilot schools in cooperation with airlines that may be selected as pilot schools ATKP Surabaya and Nusa Flying School(in cooperation with the airline Lion Air).

Take care of health

To become a pilot, of course you have to have good health. It’s important in the world of aviation, especially for a pilot must maintain health. A pilot must maintain her health, well it’s healthy vision, hearing, and health of other diseases. Being a pilot should not have a history of serious illness, such as heart disease one of them. A pilot must also not color blind and deaf. This is because the machine or buttons that used a pilot designed using colors and also information that will be carried out by a pilot with the ATC using sound. Therefore, you must maintain health by way of regular exercise and do a check to the doctor. The medical tests did not just happen when you become a pilot, but also when you want to go to school pilot.

Have knowledge

To become a pilot, you are required to have knowledge. You should be able to speak English as well at math. English is one language that is required to be studied and understood because they’re a pilot should be able to speak English. As a pilot you will come face to face with passengers from many countries. English itself is a language that has now become a universal language. If you do not yet have the ability to speak English, then you have a lot of reading, writing, speaking practice, and also observe the English language. By doing so, then the long run will make you fluent in English. You also have to learn to count because the pilot should be able to count. You can learn Mathematics and Physics.

Well, for those of you who have aspirations to be a pilot, then you have to prepare everything from now on.

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